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[1998] Think Off

           Drugs, sex and spirituality mark the first work of Felipe Lima. The author was 13 years old when he released the songbook "Think Off"" in 1998. Felipe Lima debuted his work in Dotlyrics forum making a huge buzz among some readers. The project contains 9 lyrics where the young author discussed polemic themes as drug abuse, sex addiction and social apathy. Many reviews credit that what engaged readers into Felipe's work was the way the writer approached the topics. Showing an unusual maturity to talk about experiences that major young teenagers wouldn't have, Felipe Lima shocked an entire community when he described a very advanced sexual world for itw own age. The simple strucutre and grammar mistakes in the lyrics were forgiven due to the author experience in the foreign language and for its contents.
        According to the author, this project is his rawest project so far. Felipe explained that due to some experiences in his life, he got the opportunity to see things that most kids can't and being able to talk about this so openly at home helped him to developed some perspective about "grown up" topics.
"I know I've just started [to live], but I think I've got to see so much. And yeah, I commited some mistakes and took some wrong decisions, but for having such a strong family base, I could learn to deal with my mistakes and take better choices from them. I think in the end that's all that matters."

       "Back to Me" was the first piece released by the author in 1998. The romantic lyric got his first #1, but the real polemic began a few months later, in February,1999. Felipe released in Dotlyrics forum "My Personal Party" and in its first week the lyric got another #1 and a lot of different kinds of comments about the piece. While some people praised the author for his approach on the world of sexual abuse, other readers criticized him for such an immoral content. Some readers made a petition to the forum headmasters to remove Felipe piece and ban him from the community. The third piece was "The City's Man" and it was released a few months later a few months. Provocative as the last piece, now the author talked about the world of social apathy and drugs abuse. The piece set the forums on fire, generating a new discussion about Felipe's contributions. Some readers even raised a question about the lyrics authorship, wondering if Felipe was really writing those ideas or just reproducing other people's opinions from his daily life. When asked about that, the young author commented: "Of course, I'm influenced by the people around me, who isn't? However, I ponder about the things (opinions) I'm exposed to before making up my mind on them."  "We Are One" was the last piece of the songbook and brought Felipe to a different ground of discussion. The abstract aspect of the piece created a lot of interpretaions from the readers. When Felipe was asked about his own interpretation for the song, the author joked saying that if this question was made everyday he'd have a different answer for it everytime. As the previously pieces, "We Are One" got the #1.

TITLE: "Think Off"
STREET DATE: 09/21/1998
01 - Come To My World
02 - Back To Me
03 - Crazy
04 - Someday
05 - Become One
06 - My Personal Party
07 - The City's Man
08 - Cedo Demais
09 - We Are One



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