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[1999] De Volta Ao Presente

     "De Volta Ao Presente" (Backing to the Present) was the first portuguese songbook released by the author in 1999. After his debut with the songbook "Think Off", Felipe Lima had written a few songs in portuguese and he decided to compose a few songs in his language and make his break in the national charts. According to the author, "De Volta Ao Presente" would be a lighter work when it compared to the last project. This songbook would treat about more trivial topics as teenage experiences as the ones author were living at that moment. Many forums wrote reviews pointing the work as shallow and "ordinary material". They claimed that the songbook lacked the maturity presented by the author in "Think Off". An interesting fact is that besides Felipe Lima discussed  philosophical topics as drug abuse, sex and spiritual beliefs, the author was only 14 years old. During an open chat in Magriça site, the author revealed that: 

"It seems that some people are surprised for me thinking as 14 years old boy, but surprise: I AM 14 YEARS OLD. I acknwoledge that I may have a mature perspective about some topics, but sometimes I feel comfortable to embrace the naivity and shallowness of my own age".
        The first pieces released by the author - "Na Minha Memória" and "Divas Night" - didn't get the attention of the readers, both lyrics barely got to the TOP 20 in most of websites. However, the scenario changed with the release of the third piece - "Loucos de Amor" - which put the author in the spotlight of many poetry forums. Within the releasing of the third piece, the writer also released the songbook. "Loucos de Amor" got #1, but the songbook got the #70 in the Top100. A few months later, Felipe released the fourth piece - "A Verdade Lhe Dará" - which got #13 in the Magriça Weekly top. "Voltando Ao Presente" was the last track choosen by the writer to promote the work. The lyric has a good reception by the readers, getting the #9.

TITLE: "De Volta Ao Presente"
STREET DATE: 12/06/1999
01 - Na Minha Memória
02 - Divas Night
03 - Loucos De Amor
04 - Quando o Amor Voltar
05 - A Verdade Lhe Dará
06 - Pra Que Serve o Seu Amor
07 - Pequena Aula
08 - Uma Noite Sem Você
09 - Voltando Ao Presente
10 - Sem Saída



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