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[2000] Before The Light... The Darkness

     "Before The Light... The Darkness" was the second english songbook of Felipe Lima and it's considered by some readers as his masterpiece. The songbook released in 2000 represents the darkest phase of the author and it has 14 lyrics that talk about disappointment, betrayal and loss. Despite of bringing some upbeat hits (as "Go To The Next Step" and "Could Be This Way"), even they can't escape to the dark theme that is present through all the work. If "Think Off" was considered polemic and challenging and "De Volta ao Presente" was seen as funny and shallow, "Before The Lights" is considered as sad, pessimist and introverted. The songbook is difficult and painful, each piece has a heavy heart aspect that reminds a choked desperate crying waiting to be released. The work also brought back all the strong points of "Think Off", revealing the raw feature of the author that astonished many readers around the internet within every piece in the project.
         In December of 1999, Felipe's father died during a surgery. He was admitted in the hospital to operate a broken knee due to an accident and he had a heart attack during the operation. This episode was just the begining of a very troubled year for Felipe and his family. While the family tried to return to their routine, griefing for their loss, the 15 years old author put his heart and mind in their work as a way to overcome this tragedy. About that time, Felipe commented during a chat session:

"2000 was a tough year. I had a lot of problems in the school, I couldn't concentrate in anything, I couldn't relate to anything. My world was spinning around so fast and out of control that all that I want was something to hold on. I remember how hard I struggled to cope with those feelings, that emptiness that choked me until I feel completely numb. I was just trying to find my way to adapt to that new situation. It was such a hard time"

        "Dreams" was the first pieces released by Felipe to promote "BLD". The ballad was a huge success and got #1 in Dotlyrics. Two months later, Felipe released the second piece - "Could Be This Way". The upbeat piece got another #1 and a new record for the author. The lyric was inthe #1 for 7 weeks straight. "Learn To Love Again" was the third lyric published. The love song was well received by the readers and it got #2, dropping to the #76 in the following week. "Really Sometimes... Good Times Come Back", the fourth piece released, was acclaimed by poetry sites and forums. It got easily the #1 in Top 100 in Dotlyrics for 3 weeks in a row. Many readers compared the style of the piece with The Beatles work, critics believe that "RSGCB" got very famous among readers due to its easy words and light content, in contrast to the main theme of the songbook. "Before The Light... The Darkness", the track that named the songbook, was the last piece to promote the project. The piece returned to the main theme, exploring the concept presented by the the songbook, getting the #3.

TITLE: "Before The Lights... The Darkness"
STREET DATE: 09/11/2000
01 - Unapart
02 - I Tried To Stay With You
03 - Dreams
04 - You've Been In My Dreams
05 - Learn To Love Again
06 - Really Sometimes... Good Times Come Back
07 - What I Need (Everything And a Little More)
08 - The Power of Forgiveness
09 - Go To The Next Step
10 - Vulnerable
11 - I Miss You
12 - Sweet Things
13 - Could Be This Way
14 - Before The Light... The Darkness

DE VOLTA AO PRESENTE                                                                  FALLEN STAR


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